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DAM Hosting Solution
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DAM Hosting Solution

Churchill Digital has partnered with Media Solutions to offer its proven NAXOS 2010 DAM platform in a hosted form. This combination allows for a robust, scalable, secure and lightning-fast single access point to your data from any web browser.

One central repository for all your organization's digital assets – images, illustrations, vector drawings, audio, video, office documents, PDFs, or any other file type – yields numerous advantages over simple file systems. By tagging your assets with metadata and keyword categories, your entire library can be searched by NAXOS's powerful, full-text search engine in a fraction of a second.

By centralizing your digital assets, Churchill's hosted NAXOS platform lets you take advantage of numerous business benefits:

SAVE: Reduce expensive rework and time spent searching for assets
SHARE: Web-based interface for all users within and beyond your organization
REUSE: Stop losing assets, always find the latest version
CONTROL: Set user permissions and manage asset usage rights
BACK UP: Lower backup costs by archiving to NAXOS
GROW: Robust, secure architecture is fully scalable from workgroup applications to global, enterprise-wide projects



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