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Churchill Digital was founded in 2004 to meet the needs of photographer Bill Petro who was migrating to the digital world of image making. With 30 years of managing his film archives it was time to develop the same disciplines with his digital assets and that of his long time client, Toyota Canada's PR department, who was in need of a DAM solution to service the needs of the Canadian media.

The DAM solutions that were available at the time were either expensive or inadequate. The need to develop an affordable and reliable DAM solution became a priority, so that producers like Bill Petro could continue managing their assets without interfering with the day-to-day work flow. In fact, the goal was to make the work flow easier and more efficient.

Much has changed with DAM Solutions since 2004. They have become more powerful and easier to use. The search needs became more demanding, metadata use and management became more important when digital assets grew faster than most producers expected. Providing storage solutions be came another integral part of Churchill's service.

Partnering with Media Solutions to offer the NAXOS 2010 DAM platform has given us the means to bring a powerful solution to your DAM needs, offering an affordable secure cloud based storage service .


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